On The Job Magazine

The National publication, On The Job, was featuring one of Empire Cat's clients, Earthcore Development and needed photos of owner, Zach Schoose operating his skid steer on a jobsite in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Only a couple weeks on the job, I was requested same day to take the photos. In dress slacks and with no experience photographing construction equipment, I rose to the challenge! Fun fact! Zach, aka “Gator” was a member of the Greenland excavation crew that made up the cast of Ice Cold Gold, a reality TV series on Animal Planet from 2013-2015.

Working with Zach on the photo shoot was great. He’s super down to earth and fun-loving! You'll see what I mean in my favorite photos from the shoot, below.
Viewing Zach quickly approach through the lens of the camera, I hastily backed up. He said, “You don’t have to back up, I’m not going to run you over!” I laughed, realizing how silly I looked.
But seriously. Kinda scary, right?

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